Cut back system fees

Summit-Edge Platform fees are primarily based on the number of procedures done and claims filed.  For full-time providers, it usually results in fees around $50 per provider per month...for half-time providers, about $25 per month.

Couple that with high-end EHR systems from our premier EHR partner - for just $50 per provider per month - and starting with the 11th provider, just $10 per month!  


Let's say in a group there are 8 full-time providers and 2 part-time providers  - but only 4 of the providers want to do EHR.  Here would be the approximate fees:

  • Summit-Edge Platform - 9 full-time equivalent providers X $50 = $450 per month

  • EHR - 4 providers X $50 = $200

In this example, the total monthly fee would be around $650, or about $65 per provider. Compare that with the heavily promoted systems costing $150-$250 per provider per month.  It works out this way because the fees are reasonable, and you only need to pay for systems that you are actually using.

For a more precise calculation of fees, here is the Summit-Edge fee schedule:

Billing software and updates

For group practices with under 10 providers, there is a software fee of 40 cents per primary procedure and 20 cents for any add-on procedures.  These fees drop to 35 cents and 18 cents for counseling centers with 10 or more providers.   This fee pays for the development and maintenance of the billing software.

Electronic-claim processing

The fee is 35 cents per electronic claim.  Note that a claim can hold up to 6 procedures.  This fee pays for the electronic-filing of claims and the electronic-posting of EOBs from those claims.  A tremendous amount of time is saved on the posting, so it's a great deal!

User log-in support

The fee is $15 per month for a administrative log-in account, and $10 per month for a provider log-in account.  Log-in accounts may be shared by multiple users.  This fee pays for user network licensing and for user log-in and printing support.

Database validation and backup

The fee is $10 per month per database.  If a group practice shares a Tax Id, there is just one $10 fee per month.  This fee pays for database maintenance, regular validation and nightly backups.


We operate as a Resource Center for the practice manager and for the lead billing persons.  It is one of the key services that separate us from other system vendors.  When the billing person is confronted with a difficult billing problem, we can help.  We also consult on many practice-management issues, that are important to practice owners and managers.  The consultant fee is based on $60 per hour.  Most billing questions can be answered in 5-10 minutes, resulting in a $5-$10 consultant billing consultation is practical and affordable. 

Billing Specialist services

We have Billing Specialists available at $30 per hour.  Typically, they handle the insurance follow-up for small group practices.  They are also available to larger practices during emergencies, or if some extra help is needed.    

Technical services

The Summit-Edge Platform is highly configurable.   For example, it easily supports multiple locations, home-based workers, users with IPads, and so on.  Still, there may be times when a special capability or report is needed.  If all our customers will benefit, we do it for free.  Otherwise, these services are provided at a fee of $60 per hour.  We are able to meet most requests in a couple hours, so this service is very affordable.