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Standard Program

There are many EHR + Billing systems designed for the small practice.  At under $100 per provider per month, the price is right.   You will definitely save on billing fees.  There are always two big concerns:


1) The time you give up, that could be spent building your practice by networking with referral sources - or, just spending more time with family and friends.


2) The collections you give up by not having a professional collecting your money.  Professional billing and collecting is almost always more successful.  The only question is how much is lost by doing it yourself.

Our fees are about half what other billing services charge.

Here are the advantages of getting on this program.

Comprehensive services

The Standard Program is designed to maximize your collections while minimizing your administrative time - so you can either build your practice, or go home earlier.

Consistent and reliable

Billing mistakes are extremely terms of lost revenues.  With 90 day timely-filing deadlines becoming common, you cannot afford to take chances.  The Standa Program gives you consistent reliable access to skilled billing persons...year after year after year.  


Fees for the Standard Program are very affordable, at $6.20 per procedure, when taking into account the comprehensive services provided.  It is also about half what other billing services charge.

Great collections

Our Billing Specialists are highly-trained and richly experienced.  They are going to maximize your collections.  


You'll have a lot more time for building your practice.


Summit-Edge operates as a Resource Center for our customers.  You'll get all kinds of help for building a lucrative practice.

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