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Summit-Edge, Inc. has been in business since 2002, providing billing solutions to the behavioral health provider community.  All solutions are based off of a powerful billing platform, which is easily configured and customized to address the special needs of counseling centers and billing services.  The solutions are well-suited to higher volume billers, because of the special emphasis put on billing productivity, powerful collection tools, and ease of management.

Grant Shaw
Founder and Principal

Grant is the founder of Summit-Edge, Inc. He has a B.S. degree in Business Management from Northwest Missouri State University, with 3 years of post graduate education in Accounting and Computer Science. He has 35 years experience developing systems for behavioral health billing.

Kim French
Practice Consultant

Kim is our Practice Consultant for the company. Kim has more than 30 years of experience in behavioral health billing management, and consults daily with owners, office managers and billing persons to assure maximum collections for the clinic. 

Lexie Zimmerman
Billing Specialist

Lexie has 9 years of experience in medical billing - working with solo-practices as well as large groups.  She is well-liked by everyone.

Leslie Kinnaman
Payer Requirement

Leslie has been with us almost 5 years.  She has an Associates Degree in Accounting and solid medical billing experience.  Leslie is the last person to see the claim before it is submitted, and the first person to see the results from that claim.  She is an expert on the peculiar requirements of each insurance company.

Alicia Cantin
Billing Specialist

Alicia is our Billing Specialist. She has a Medical Coding Program certification from Louisiana State University. She also holds a Certified Professional Coding (CPC) certification and has 7 years of experience with medical billing and coding in a variety of both hospital and private practices.

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