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Free support

Outsourcing your billing to Summit-Edge qualifies you for a wide variety of free support services.  Almost all consultation is free.  Here are members of our team that are ready to help you build a lucrative practice:

Billing Team Leader

This is the person that will oversee your billing.  She will be your "go to" person for almost every billing question.  She leads and coordinates the billing team. 

Insurance Company Specialist

This person is our leading expert on each insurance company's rules, policies, procedures, forms and anything else that affects claim and payment processing.  She is the last person to see the claim before it goes in, and the first person to see the EOB or denial that leaves the insurance company.  She works closely with the Billing Team Leader, in solving complicated billing problems.    

Billing Consultant

The Billing Consultant has 25 years of experience working with hundreds of practices, dealing with thousands of practice issues.  She is well-rounded and deeply experienced, so can consult on any billing or practice management issue.  Because of her background as Office Manager for a large outpatient counseling center, she will immediately understand any issue presented.

System Manager

This person maintains and modifies the systems to address changing billing requirements.  Requests for system changes or new reports may be made by anyone on the billing team.  This person also handles any customizing needed for a particular customer.  When everything switched to telehealth, this person was able to immediately adapt the system to meet the special billing requirements.  This capability to respond quickly to changing conditions is a compelling reason for using Summit-Edge.


Systems are in place to enable the Summit-Edge billing system to reconcile to the customer's accounting system.  The Accountant will work with the customer's accounting person to keep the two systems in balance.

Business consultant

The Business Consultant has 50 years of experience working with small and large businesses - primarily in their systems for accounting and billing, but also with achieving business goals.  About 35  of those years were specific to outpatient mental health centers.  He is available for consulting about any business strategy or issue. 

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