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Free Systems

Outsourcing your billing to Summit-Edge gives you a free practice management system for operating the practice.  Robust features are available, as follows:

Billing system

While Summit-Edge will handle your claims billing, you still need to bill the family.  We provide a powerful and flexible work center for managing family collections.  For example, if a warning letter needs to be sent, this can be done with one mouse-click.

Provider interface

We encourage (but do not require) individual providers to enter their own sessions, to print client statements needed, to review reports about their individual practice and to exchange messages with us  about the billing issues.  Each provider in a group practice will only see his/her practice data.  Getting the provider involved with the billing promotes better collections while taking some of the workload off the front office.


A powerful scheduling system is available, that is tightly integrated with the billing system.  For some group practices, it is very helpful to print a "Daysheet" for each therapist, showing his/her schedule for the day.  The therapist notes any changes (CPT codes, diagnosis, etc.) on the form, and turns it in to the front office at day end.  The front office is able to easily convert the Appointments to completed sessions in just a few minutes.

Clinical notes

This is not an EHR system - only a simple system for entering progress notes.  It is tightly integrated with the billing system.  It is very easy to identify sessions in which the clinical notes have not been completed.

Therapist payout system

This is a very powerful and accurate system for managing the payout to therapists - for group practices.  Calculating the amount collected for each therapist is as simple as closing the pay period and printing the payout reports.  The system is self-correcting when errors are discovered and corrected.  For example, if a prior period payment is deleted, it automatically subtracts from the next payout.  

Cash balancing system

Payments entered are easily reconciled to the bank deposit and credit card deposits.  Payment discrepancies can be identified in seconds.  Once payments are entered, it only takes a few minutes to print the "Bank Deposit Slip" and put the bank deposit together.  A monthly "Bank Statement Item" report shows the deposit items that will appear on the bank statement (if entered correctly).  

Eligibility verification 

Soon, a system will be available for automatic eligibility verification.  Presently, there is a quick and easy tool for manually checking eligibility, and posting the coverage information in the client's record.

Claims formatter

Many insurance companies have requirements for claims, that do not follow the usual rules.  It is tedious dealing with these special claims.  Summit-Edge is easily configured to handle these oddball requirements, without involving the billing person.  This helps to assure that claims go in right the first time.

Authorization tracking

Some authorization systems have the user tag sessions to authorization records.  The Summit-Edge system does it for you.  It's simple, quick and accurate.

Payment double-checker

There are a lot of adjustments in behavioral health billing - due to arrangements with insurance companies and promises made to families.  This is a work center for reviewing and validating all these adjustments.  It showcases underpayments.  The idea is to prevent money from falling through the cracks.  

Management reports

This is a true practice management system.  Many reports are available to the owner/manager to reveal what is going on in the practice.

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