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Counseling Centers

If there is one kind of organization that should take a close look at the Summit-Edge solution, it is the large counseling center...those with 8 or more providers.  A typical Billing + EHR solution goes for $150-$250 per month.  For a 8-provider center, that translates to $1,200 - $2,000 a month!  A patient portal is nifty, but will it result in improved cash flow?  We don't think so.  Summit-Edge is a no-frills workhorse solution.  The collection tools are powerful...the workload is reduced...it's easier to manage...and it's a lot less expensive!


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Why pay for EHR on providers that do not need it?  Why pay a premium for integrated EHR, when the EHR data can be easily imported?  The Summit-Edge EHR strategy provides essentially the same “seamless” benefits at a far lower cost.

Lower-cost EHR

EHR technology is changing rapidly…and providers will strive to use what works best for their personal practice.  Do you really want to uproot your billing system when a better EHR solution comes along?  What if an individual provider prefers a different EHR system?  A tightly-integrated Billing and EHR system is a two-edged sword.  The Summit-Edge strategy of importing the EHR data is far more flexible.

Flexible EHR

Keeping staff trained is always difficult in a busy office.  The Summit-Edge software is highly-structured and guides the billing staff through the process.  Novice billers adapt to it easily…and when mistakes are made, they can be easily corrected.  One skilled-billing person and several clerical staff is proper staffing for a large counseling center.


One skilled billing person overseeing the billing can easily achieve high rates of collection – from insurance and the family…because of the powerful collection tools and the ease-of-management.

Maximized collections

Summit-Edge is a billing “machine”.  It’s fast… there are no unnecessary steps…and there are many time-saving power tools.  The billing staff will fly through the billing process, and have more time for other provider services.

Leaner office staff

Billing for a large group practice is challenging…even for billing persons that are highly-skilled and experienced.  As we work with many providers, we see more of these challenges than the average billing person.  A quick phone call to our Billing Consultant can save many hours of staff time.

First-name basis support

Group practices have special needs.  For example, most groups pay providers based on collections.  Summit-Edge has an advanced “payout” system.  If a prior period payment error is discovered and corrected, the payout system will automatically adjust the next payout.

Special systems for group practices

While the basic system is highly configurable, a group practice may have a special customer that requires a non-standard billing requirement (additional information, special format, different form, etc.).  We can easily address these special requirements.

Customization option

A large counseling center is self-sufficient 99% of the time.  Even large and stable offices, though, are vulnerable.  People suffer illnesses…develop personal issues…quit.  These kind of problems are inevitable.  Summit-Edge always stands ready to step in and help during these emergencies.

Availability of special services

Sometimes, it is a good idea for an outsider to independently review or audit the billing accounts, to make sure collections are being maximized.  We can do that upon request, or on a regular basis.  For example, this review service would be appropriate after the hiring of a new billing person.

Availability of audit services