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Enterprise Program

Previous to 2021, we did not promote outsourcing services to large group practices.  Instead, we offered a software solution for in-house billing.  No more.  We now believe outsourcing is always a better solution, for these reasons:

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Fits well with digital systems

Electronic systems (digital intake forms, web-based scheduling, web-based payments, telehealth, electronic EOBs) makes outsourced billing a natural fit.  In-house billing made sense when the patient filled out intake forms in the lobby, and all EOBs arrived in the mail - but, we are no longer in that world.

Consistent high collections

Professional billing people using professional billing software will result in better collections 99% of the time...and those results will be consistent.  For a large group practice, there is a lot of money at stake.  One hiring mistake can create enormous losses...and it doesn't take long with the timely-filing rules.   

Lower billing costs

A traditional billing service might charge 7-10% of collections.  Summit-Edge outsourcing tends to fall in the 4% - 5% range - well below the cost of on-site billing.  The best time to implement Summit-Edge outsourcing is when you are needing to hire a new front office person.  Summit-Edge can eliminate the need for that hire.

Simplify staffing

A Summit-Edge solution enables you to simplify the staffing of your front office.  Hiring decisions will not be so critical.  Turnovers are not a big concern, because most staff can be quickly trained.  You'll be able to staff the front office with persons with ordinary life skills, rather than the special skills needed for successful billing.

Cost-effective systems

The comprehensive Practice Management Systems (PMS) + Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are prohibitively expensive for groups.  Summit-Edge can provide the PMS part - free!  The practice has complete flexibility to choose the EHR solution that best fits needs.  Equally important, the practice can change its EHR solution at any time - without disrupting the billing process. 

Therapist payout system

Group practices always have the challenge of figuring out net collections for each therapist at the end of the month.  It needs to balance with net collections, but that can be a difficult calculation because of bad checks, insurance payment recoveries, data-entry errors, etc.  The Summit-Edge payout system calculates these numbers for you!  It's just a matter of clicking a button at the end of the month.  

Special systems for group practices

Many counseling centers offer group services.  The Summit-Edge system provides special features for managing these group services.

Customization option

While the basic system is highly configurable, a group practice may have a special need which can be met by customizing the software.  In most cases, we will tailor the software to address these special needs.  This is especially valuable to non-profit organizations with unique reporting requirements.

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