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Economy Program

The Economy Program is designed for those small practices that have a great handle on family collections, but would appreciate a little help with collecting claims.  Mostly, they want to keep things simple.  Digital intakes?  No thanks.  Here are the advantages of using Summit-Edge.

Providers make bad billers

Billing can be as simple as clicking a button, 95% of the time.  The problem is the 5% of the time it isn't, when knowledge and experience is necessary for successful collection.  If you write off one claim in 50, your savings are wiped out, and you've wasted valulable time that could have been spent building your practice.

Consistent and reliable

Billing mistakes are extremely terms of lost revenues.  With 90 day timely-filing deadlines becoming common, you cannot afford to take chances.  The Economy Program gives you consistent reliable access to skilled billing persons...year after year after year.  


Fees for the Economy Program are very $5.35 for an insured procedure, and just $1.15 for a self-pay procedure.  Why do it yourself at these rates?

Great collections

Our Billing Specialists are highly-trained and richly experienced.  They are going to maximize your collections.  


You'll have a lot more time for building your practice.


Summit-Edge operates as a Resource Center for our customers.  You'll get all kinds of help for building a lucrative practice.

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