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Easy solution

Almost every practice owner struggles with in-house billing at one time or another.  Billing staff come and go.  Stuff happens...circumstances change...and suddenly claims aren't getting paid.  Billing does not need to be this hard.  Summit-Edge outsourcing is an easy solution.  

Easy implementation

Summit-Edge will take complete responsibility for implementing this solution.  We will convert all your data for you...make sure everyone gets trained...and micromanage the billing process - until everything is running smoothly.

Stable and consistent

In-house billing has invitable ups and downs.  Summit-Edge is a stable and consistent solution.  Our professional staff is long-term, and we have layers and layers of backup staff - to assure billing stablity and consistency.

Turn-key solution

Summit-Edge is a turn-key solution for your practice.  Billing starts when the client first contacts your office, and does not end until many weeks after the client terminates.  You will be able to operate the practice on the Summit-Edge platform.   Except for EHR, it is a complete solution.


All our Billing Team Leaders have rich experience working in group practices, so we will be able to help with training new staff.  As we are on a first-name basis with your staff, we are always helping with their development.

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