Billing service

Summit-Edge is perfectly suited for billing services.  It has a robust system for importing billable data from any EHR system.  If the provider isn't using an EHR system, we can give them a log-in so that they can help with data-entry (sessions, at least) and be more self-sufficient.  The entire platform is designed for maximum time efficiency.

Quicker processing

For a billing service, time is money.  Cutting your processing time in half doubles your rate of pay.  Import the billable data.  Auto-post the EOBs.  The only time required will be in addressing real billing issues...and the power tools will make that easy.  You will fly through the billing and follow-up.  

Easier marketing

You'll be able offer different solutions to different kinds of practices.  You could have a lower-cost program for providers that enter their own sessions.  You can offer easy access to reports and statements.  You can offer an EHR solution!  Anything that we can offer, you also can offer.

Easier information gathering

A customer entering sessions directly, or through the EHR system, is fast and accurate.  The Message Center, also, may be used to communicate with the customer.  Discounts could be offered to customers that will use these systems.

Great technical support

Billing services get a lot of requests from their customers...perhaps, a special report...or a special feature.  The billing service supports the provider, but we support the billing service - with whatever her customers are needing.  Behavioral health billing is always changing.  We work with the billing service to address these changes.


Summit-Edge will promote your practice at every opportunity.  We encourage you to put your links on our website.  We recognize that the relationship between provider and biller is very personal, so we promote our billing service customers.  Our primary product is the billing platform.  We certainly enjoy our service customers, but we encourage them to talk to our Billing Service Partners as well.